We have had an amazing time in Brazil thus far, with an abundance of opportunities coming with each new day! Blessings and ???? favor have been abundant, both with God’s abundant provision as well as connecting us with people filled with God’s love and a common heart in expressing it abundantly. Our first week was primarily spent ministering in the Sao Paulo area, many times walking to local ministry sites to do drama and Sunday evangelism at fairs (markets) and city plazas. We have already seen wholesale nfl jerseys an Outreach abundance of salvation, signs and wonders, including many physical healings and words of knowledge to demonstrate God’s heart and to encourage skeptics to believe the truth of God’s loving character. Headaches, frozen shoulders, long-term spinal pain, arthritic knees, wrist „TRICEPS“ injuries, deafness– all have been seen instantly healed after being prayed for by individual team members.
Our team has been in very good spirits, building upon the strong team unity we have shared in heart, including having specialized guidance from Healed Pastors Paul Cull and Trina Simpson, our beloved Brazilian contacts working with Iris Ministries in Brazil. Even with sometimes cramped living quarters, relationships are building with a common focus of sharing God’s love joining us cheap jerseys together.  Whether we are enjoying a specially prepared meal on a veranda overlooking mountainous landscapes or munching on PBJ’s after a tiring yet fruitful afternoon of ministry, we are continuing to contend for that which God desires to pour out through this small wholesale nfl jerseys band of Kingdom warriors.
We are currently in the midst of a 4-day outreach about 2 hours north of Rio de Janeiro in a city called Novo Friburgo. Nestled among tree-covered mountains, this beautiful thriving city has been a challenging area spiritually, yet holds much promise for an outpouring of God’s grace. As our housing and main ministry is on the steep hillsides above downtown, we are getting much exercise ny just walking from site to site! Our schedule has been filled with opportunities to minister to the poor and hurting, having specialized guidance from Pastors Paul and Trina, our main contacts in this area who have labored for over 12 years between them. Between radio interviews, outreaches in the local school, street dramas, and a crusade held in a local gym, we are certainly the talk of the town– with the focus being centered on Jesus in all we say and do.