Our Beliefs

FMI Statement of Faith


*We believe that the Bible is inspired by God. It is the infallible and authoritative Holy Word of God (II Timothy 3:16,17; Matthew 3:16,17; II Peter 1:19-21; Hebrews 4:12; I Peter 1:23-25; Romans 16:25-27).


*We believe in one eternal God revealed in three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who comprise the Trinity (I John 5:6-8; II Corinthians 13:14; John 3:16,17; Mathew 3:16,17).


*We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His atoning death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the right hand of the Father where He is interceding for believers, and His imminent and personal return in power and glory (John 10:30,58; John 20:24-29; Matthew 1:22; Luke 24:39-43; Romans 5:8; John 14:2,3; Romans 8:34; I Corinthians 15:3-6; I Timothy 3:16; Acts 1:10,11; I Thessalonians 4:13-18).


*We believe that to possess eternal salvation it is essential to receive Jesus Christ and be washed in His redeeming blood since there is no other way by which a man can be saved (Acts 4:12; Hebrews 9:22; I Peter 1:18,19; Ephesians 1:3-14; Romans 4:1-9; Romans 5:1-11; Galatians 3:22; Romans 3:19-23; Matthew 25:34,41,46; Luke 16:19-31; John 14:1-3; Revelation 20:11-15).


*We believe that the ministry of the Holy Spirit includes the redemption of man,the distribution of spiritual gifts in the body of Christ, the producing of fruit by His indwelling presence, and the empowerment of His people to live as God intended under the New Covenant (John 14:26; I Corinthians 3:16; I Corinthians 12:1-11; Luke 11:13; John 7:37-39; John 14:16,17; Galatians 5:22,23; I Corinthians 14; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-18,38-41; Acts 4:8; Acts 10:44-47; Acts 11:16; Acts 16:7-14; Acts 19:1-6; Matthew 8:14-17; Isaiah 53:5; I Peter 2:24; James 5:14-16; I Corinthians 12:9; Mark 11:23,24).


*We believe that we, as disciples and ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, have the clear mandate to preach the Gospel to all creation and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18; Acts 1:8).


*We believe that all human life is created by God in His image (Genesis 1:26). Therefore, human life is of inestimable worth in all its natural states and conditions, including pre-born babies, the elderly, and the physically or mentally challenged, from conception through natural death. With that firmly rooted in our hearts, we will defend, protect, and value all human life (Psalm 139).


*We believe that promoting and facilitating slavery in all its forms is to be repudiated as intolerable and a practice that needs to be eradicated wherever it exists. We believe that human trafficking and the exploitation of men, women, and children in any way are evil actions that are sinful and offensive to the heart of God. With that firmly rooted in our hearts, we will rescue, redeem, restore, defend, protect, and value those who have been victims and survivors. We also will reach out in the power of the Holy Spirit to rescue, redeem, restore, and value those who have trafficked, exploited, and enslaved others. (Psalm 82:3,4; Psalm 89:14; John 8:32,36; Galatians 4:6,7; 5:1; Philemon 1:1-21).


Statement on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality

*We believe that God designs and immutably creates each person as male or female. These two distinct, complementary genders together reflect the image and nature of God (Genesis 1:26,27). We believe that rejection of one’s biological gender is the rejection of the expression of the image of God within that person.


*We believe that the term “marriage” has only one meaning: the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive union, as delineated in Scripture (Genesis 2:18-25). We believe that God intends sexual intimacy to only occur between a man and a woman who are duly married to each other (I Corinthians 6:18; I Corinthians 7:2-5; Hebrews 13:4).


*We believe that any form of sexual immorality as defined by the Bible, including adultery, fornication, homosexual activity, bisexual activity, bestiality, incest, and use of pornography, is sinful and offensive to God (Matthew 15:18-20; I Corinthians 6:9,10).


*We believe that in order to preserve the function and integrity of Frontline Ministries International as a local expression of the Body of Christ, and to be Godly examples to the spiritual family known as Frontline Ministries International, it is imperative that all leadership members, persons employed by the ministry, and volunteers who serve in any capacity agree to abide by our Statement of Faith and this Statement on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality (Matthew 5:16; Philippians 2:14-16; I Thessalonians 5:22; Amos 3:3).


*We believe that God, our Father, offers rescue, redemption, and restoration to all who confess, repent of, and forsake their sin as they seek His mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ (Acts 3:19-21; Acts 26:20; Romans 10:9,10; I Corinthians 6:9-11; II Corinthians 7:9,10).


*We believe that every person must be offered compassion, love, gentleness, kindness, respect, and dignity (Mark 12:28-31; Luke 6:31). Hateful and harassing behavior or attitudes directed toward any individual or group are unacceptable and are not in accord with Scripture (II Timothy 2:24-26).


This statement of faith does not address the full extent of our beliefs. The Bible itself, as the inspired and infallible Word of God, is the supreme authority that we recognize as it speaks concerning truth, morality, and the relationship between God and man. For the purpose of Frontline Ministries International’s leaders trusting God to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3), questions and/or teaching on faith, doctrine, practice, policy, and discipline rests on the anointed guidance, impartation, and wisdom of our leaders to carefully align the ministry undertaken in the name of Jesus with Holy Spirit and the Word of God.