Soaking Center

“Soaking” in the Presence involves a “one-on-one” connection with God. The act of intentionally resting and waiting before Him, listening to His voice and receiving from Him can increase the place of encounter we are designed to have with God. Birthed from the soaking movement of the Toronto revival, we have operated a Soaking Center since 2003.¬†We invite you to come soak with us from 5 pm – 7 pm every Tuesday before our Fire and Wind service. Anointed worship music is played as participants invite the Lord to come from a place rest. We believe that His manifest presence and glory will increase as we love Him, receive from Him, and step into the glory realm together.
Experiencing the weekly-held FMI Soaking Center is highly encouraged as prayer/rest/worship before the Lord is essential for proper refreshment and receiving and is particularly powerful when done corporately. As the Holy Spirit moves, He connects with the hearts/minds of those in spiritual agreement. This is the seed bed for increased release of power and revelation. Many have had intense encounters with the Lord and His angels, received prophetic words, enjoyed great release of burdens, expansion of abiding joy in the Lord, and more.