Every tribe.  Every tongue.  Every nation. Knowing Jesus and the love of the Father.  Becoming all He has created them to be.
The harvest fields are MORE than ready. Nations are longing for Him. Blind eyes are seeing, deaf ears are hearing. The mute sing and the lame walk as God’s Kingdom comes in power.  The brokenhearted made whole and captives set free.  This is the beauty of our God. We come ready to love. Ready to serve. Ready to pray and stand for heaven changing earth, changing us.  Willing to give all we are for the love of our King. We believe impossibilities will bow and multitudes will come to know Him Who gave everything for them. GO and make disciples of all nations.


The Lion of Judah is to be the strength of our heart; there is nothing too great for Him.  Nothing.  There is never hopelessness in Jesus.  Ever.  Humility is the key to great faith.

-Pastor Mary Pat