Sunday Church Ministry

On Sunday morning our team taught new and old believers at Pastor Paul and Pastor Trinás church. We arrived at the Partners in Harvest church and divided into our SEALS ministry groups to share from the Bible and give testimony of what God has done in our lives. Though our life experiences were very different from those in the favella, we sought to encourage and bless the people with the Word of God and personal prayer. We were able to apply the truths of God’s word to the deep needs of their hearts wholesale mlb jerseys as we found out more about their personal lives. After the Sunday School, our team stopped by one woman’s house at her request to pray over the house and break the curses of witchcraft. We were able to pray over the physical house and her family, and minister words of life to her husband and her daughters.

In the afternoon, five people from our team were invited to minister cheap NFL jerseys at обучения Maranata Bible church, another church in the area. The group performed the Box skit, a short drama that illustrates how Jesus can heal our hearts and break down the walls wéve Have built against others through pain and unforgiveness. Mary Pat, Andy, and Rachel were then able to share the Fatheŕs love, knowing that Friburgo He alone can bring healing to wounded hearts. Many from the church came forward for personal prayer, and we trust that the Lord will continue to work in their hearts. Mary Pat was also able to bless the church through a prophetic word and vision for the church, encouraging them in their part in Helsinki the revival fire that is sweeping through Brazil.

Troy, Rachel, Missy, Karen, Jenna, Peter, and Chris were able to visit a youth church which the pastor calls the Church of the Americas. Pastor Silas, a police inspector, was saved in Michigan and very recently started this youth church in Novo Friburgo. He has a heart for the youth of Brazil, especially those who have struggled with drugs and alcohol, and is excited about reaching the young people Cures through Christian rock and roll concerts. Each team member shared from their heart in the church, telling the teenagers that the Lord has specific desires for each one of their lives, and that their life as not an accident but a special plan of Almighty God. While the team was sharing, the pastor began to excitedly show some of the team members his notes for the sermon he had with planned to give. The words the team spoke and a wholesale MLB jerseys specific verse were identical to the message the pastor had planned to preach. The pastor also confirmed the message, saying that words that were spoken were wholesale NFL jerseys ones people in the audience needed to hear. The pastor and the team praised the Lord for all the Holy Spirit was doing.

At the same time, the rest of the team returned to Pastor Paul and Pastor Trinás church for a powerful time of worship and teaching. Andy, Michelle, and Amy were able to speak on seeking God́s presence and spending time with Him. Mary Pat then gave prophetic words to nearly everyone in the church, all of which were confirmed as being accurate by the people or the pastors.

The excitement of the people and our team had been increasing throughout the night as the Lord continued to minister to everyonés heart through the teaching and prophecy. After the prophetic time, Andy asked if anyone in the church had neck problems or needed healing. Four people raised their hands for Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys prayer for neck problems, and all of them were instantly healed! Many others illnesses were prayed for and every one was healed!