Saturday Saved, Sunday Healed (of Blindness)

At the end of the Sunday night’s service in Pastor Paul and Pastor Trinás church, the Lord gave 16 Une year-old Tyler a word of knowledge about an eye being healed. A girl raised her hand for prayer, and was brought cheap mlb jerseys to the front of the cheap nba jerseys church. “My name is Rafaela, and I was just saved last night in the gymnasium.” Many team members had felt led to share God́s wholesale jerseys love with her at that Saturday night outreach, which resulted in her going to the front for salvation. Her mother had to Nova persuade Inside her just to come to to the outreach– another testimony of God’s pursuing love. She had been blind in her left eye since birth according to her mother, and was now sixteen years old. After a short time of prayer, Mary Pat covered the girĺs right eye and asked her if she was able to see. The girl said she was able to see, to and proceeded to tell us the colors of shirts she saw and the people she was able to see. Praise the Lord for His Sunday faithfulness and goodness! She came on our bus as wholesale nba jerseys we headed out of Nova Friburgo the next morning, and with a sweet smile testified to all of us that Jesus had healed Can her! She plans to be very active in the cheap jerseys newly expanded youth group.