Pastor’s Conference – Lavishing Father’s Love on God’s Heroes

Twenty-one of the Father’s heroes were present for our day long conference as well as the 22 children from our children’s home. Each of these pastors is facing all types of attacks and difficulties as they reach out to the lost ones in India. Pastor Bill started off the conference by encouraging them in the great work that they are doing, encouraging them to continue working in the harvest fields. As Pastor Bill shared about the Father’s great love for them and taught them the many blessings that come from having a good Father, they listened intently and responded to his life-giving words. At the end of the morning session, Pastor Bill sang the Father’s Song over them and released them to rely even more closely on their Father’s love and provision.

Starting out the afternoon session on hearing the voice of God and walking in a closeness of an ongoing conversation with God, Pastor Bill shared how prayer is actually continual communication throughout the day that comes from a place of intimacy with our Father. We are sons and daughters with all the blessings that go with that. Pastor Bill sang a song calling on God to show up in His glory and reveal Himself even more to us.

Using the children from our home as an example, Troy shared with the pastors about serving as children of the Father in simple faith and the new season of acceleration that we are in now. The harvest is ripe, The Lord is calling it in, and He is showing Himself strong on behalf of all who come to Him as little children seeking intimacy with their Father. The plowmen are being overtaken by the reapers (Amos 9:13).   After Troy taught them about taking time to hear from The Lord through soaking/being still in His Presence, Pastor Bill sang a prophetic song over them as they were still before The Lord. Then, Pastor Bill and Troy prayed over each person present, giving some specific words of encouragement as they were led.

When the group was asked what the Father had spoken to them, a number of them came forward with testimonies of the encounters/experiences that they had just had with Holy Spirit. One pastor felt that burdens were leaving him and he felt strengthened to go back out and minister. Another pastor saw The Lord expanding his ability to reach out. A pastor whose wife has been sick heard that The Lord had healed her. Yet another pastor heard The Lord speak Psalms 125:1 to him. Pastor Prabaka’s son saw light and felt that angels were taking him up into Heaven. Troy saw one pastor walking on what looked like a shakey bridge, but The Lord was with him and was his strength.

Pastor Bill had a vision of all the pastors walking through the Red Sea with walls of fire instead of water on either side of them. As they were walking through, the fire of God was overtaking them; it was burning up old thinking/wineskins and releasing new thinking/wineskins over them. Needless to say, the pastors were very encouraged through our conference today and we are so blessed to get to share with these heroes of the faith.