Outpouring on the Youth!

Saturday night, our team was invited to minister at a youth gathering
that meets in an upper room at a local mall.  The room was packed with
youth, ages 14 to 20.  During the youth-led worship, Michelle had an
angelic vision involving angels releasing God’s peace, drawing the
youth into greater intimacy with the Father, also sensing God wanted
to heal some of depression.  Troy and Michelle also shared healing
testimonies from Indonesia, encouraging the group’s faith.

Pastor Mary Pat shared two specific words from Holy Spirit for the
group, pertaining to God releasing his fire of evangelism.  She led
the youth in an activation, first prophesying over one girl that she
had a healing annointing, and then inviting her up to the front to
activate this word by praying for someone in the group who was sick.
When she asked if anyone in the group was sick, at first no one raised
their hand.  She then had a word of knowledge for a boy sitting toward
the back, that he had a cough – which turned out to be true!  He was
in the military, and had a cough for the past month that he couldn’t
shake. He came forward, and the girl prayed for his healing.  His
cough got better, and he even testified a day later that his cough was
still better.  Then Pastor Mary Pat, Troy, and Michelle started
prophesying over a number of individuals in the group, giving many
specific words.  Tears rolled down many of the youth’s faces as they
received these encouraging and loving words over their lives.

Pastor Bill then imparted more of Father’s heart, specifically
addressing the issue of performance – and how we don’t need to strive
to try to please our Heavenly Father, or feel like we’re walking on a
tight rope.  Father God is not angry or condemning!  This really
resonated with many of the youth.  We then went into a time of
ministry – Pastor Bill singing a song he wrote entitled Zephaniah 3 –
all about how the Father loves us and sings over us.  Many youth came
forward to receive prayer and prophetic words, and the Holy Spirit
moved in great power – deeply touching many with the fire of God.
When a call was given for those who want to be involved in missions –
a number of youth indicated that God was stirring their hearts in this
manner.  We believe many from this group are being sent out into
Singapore and beyond to spread the Kingdom!  The meeting lasted almost
5 hours – ending with another powerful time of worshiping our King!