New Sounds of Worship in Children’s Home, Even the Bellhop Comes For Prayer

During the afternoon, I was taken to my hotel for a short rest. In the lobby, I said good-bye to my hosts with hugs and expressions of joy that I would see them shortly for a special time with the children of Frontline Ministries Children Home. then I headed to my room to change into casual clothes and a cup of fresh coffee. To my surprise, a rather strong knock rattled the door. When I opened the door, I saw a bellhop before me whom I had greeted at the elevator and read the “Bellhop” clearly shown on a pin he was wearing on his uniform. I remembered that I saluted him and smiled. He confidently strode into my room, after my invitation, and asked if I would pray for him. He smiled broadly when I said, “Yes, I would be happy to (pray for you)! He was intensely receiving my prayer and declarations over him. When I finished, he thanked me with sincerity and left in joy. I love unscheduled ministry that just happens naturally; it is some of the best ministry there is!

In the evening, I visited the children’s home and presented them with a guitar that was purchased for the interested children to learn how to play. I then led a teaching session where each child had an opportunity to play a chord or two while strumming with a pick. It was fun to speak encouragement into their efforts and see their amazing smiles come forth. They promised that I would return to India to see many of them playing the guitar to worship Jesus. I look forward to that experience.

The evening ended with group hugs, smiles, hand shakes, pictures, and loving good-byes until a time when I can return to Rajahmundry once again.