Jesus Gives the Full Loaf, Not Just Crumbs

This morning Troy went to finish taking videos of our Frontline kids prior to his afternoon departure back to the States. The children are so loving and it is exciting to see them growing physically and spiritually. Giving them a full Dill Passan (a type of fruit pastry) as a goodbye gift, Troy shared with them that The Lord blesses them with the whole loaf/pastry and doesn’t just give them the crumbs. Encouraging them that they don’t have a little or different Holy Spirit than anyone else and to step out in prayer and ministering for The Lord.

It was very hard to leave the children after only getting to spend a few days with them, but The Lord is moving in their lives and they were very encouraged by our visit. Pastor Bill is going to be staying with them a little longer. Pastor Bill was able to find and purchase a decent guitar for the children this afternoon after dropping Troy off at the airport. They had been so excited to even play Pastor Bill’s for a few minutes and now they will have their own to learn on. Given their musical talent, they will soon be leading a new sound in worship.