Heart of Your Father

My Heart for You, My Dear and Precious Child,

When I created you inside your mother, I was so happy to know that you would be born on this earth. This gave Me great joy! I made you in My image so you could come into My family. I designed you to receive My FatherĀ“s heart of love and enter into relationship with Me.

It is My desire and hope that you will live the full life that I intend for you. You are My very special treasure and you give Me much joy. I have planned many good things for you. It is my desire for you to personally know Me and encounter My Presence, and live with me forever. I want you to know how much I love you and care about every detail of your life. I love you so much that I sent My Son, Jesus, from Heaven so many years ago. I did this so that you would be able to deeply connect with My heart. He and I are the same; We are one. I want you to know that I highly value you and am drawing you closer to Me every day.

Jesus has made a way for you to come into My family and He is the only way to know Me. He came to this earth to show you and the whole world what I am really like. Jesus laid His life down 2,000 years ago for your sin, dying on the cross, and resurrecting three days later. He did for you what you are not able to do for yourself. I designed you to believe this and to receive Him into your life. He is alive today with Me in Heaven. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He glorified Me on the earth and accomplished the work I sent Him to do. You are to carry My glory so that the world may know that We are one. As you invite Him into your life to become your Lord and Savior, the way to Heaven is open to you. You are to trust Him with your entire life. You will know My love this way. There will be no separation from Me again, when you know, love, and follow Jesus. As you worship Me and release My love to others, you will be fully satisfied. This is your purpose on earth. This is the way of My Kingdom.

I love you just as I love Jesus. He is the exact representation of Me. Open your heart to Me today and by My Spirit, I will give you new life. I want you to experience full freedom in Me. This life is filled with joy, peace, and deep heart connection with Me. My eyes are on you, My child. There is no fear in love; My perfect love removes all fear. I delight in you always.

All My Love,

Your Heavenly Father


Pastor Mary Pat Gokee

Frontline Ministries International – frontline-ministries.org