Glory to Jesus on This Palm Sunday!

Our team again split into two, to minister at two different branches
of a church.  Pastor Mary Pat and Michelle headed to the City Centre’s
downtown branch.  We were thrilled to learn that this church is also
involved in missions, church planting, and raising up pastors in other
nations.  Pastor Mary Pat shared a powerful message on the account of
Palm Sunday in the Bible, and those in the very front of the crowds
who had the best view of Jesus as He walked past.  Hearts were deeply
stirred as she shared about living on the “front lines” as radical
on-fire believers.

Almost the entire congregation came up for the alter call to receive
more of Holy Spirit and prayer for healing.  One man with an injured
leg and eye and heart problems went down in the Spirit and was weeping
as God touched his heart and healed his body.  Another man who had had
a nerve problem for 10 years testified that as Pastor Mary Pat prayed
for him, he felt power in his legs and some of the pain relieved!
Michelle prayed for a couple of young ladies, releasing prophetic
words of destiny, and also had a word of knowledge that one of them
regarding asthma  – which she had indeed been afflicted with for the
past five years!  Healing power was released and we believe she is
completely healed!  God is so amazing!