Encouraged and Blessed

Mother’s Day is not routinely celebrated in India, but when I had my opportunity to speak on Sunday after worship (our children’s home kids participated up in front), testimonies, special music, and many flowers placed around my neck by the leaders, I gave honor to all the mothers, physical and spiritual, and proclaimed the rightful place of women in the leadership and building of the Kingdom (in India, men and women sit in separate areas for the church services). We certainly can’t be used by Jesus to win the world if we only offer one gender to be used in leading the charge!

I also shared on Colossians 3:2 about our citizenship in an unseen Kingdom (see Philippians 3:20; Ephesians 2:19) and how connecting closely in an ongoing conversation with the King of that Kingdom helps us powerfully live from Heaven to earth. Through many testimonies I demonstrated how even just one word from The Lord can change everything in any situation in our lives….a need for healing, financial breakthrough, in family difficulties, emotional struggles, wisdom for ministry, etc. I explained that the Father communicates with his listening children in so many ways – the Word of God, the voice of the Spirit, pictures, visions, dreams, words, and even sounds, smells, and tastes. In addition, I declared that this communication will increase according to Joel 2 and Acts 2 as the coming of Jesus draws near. Then I sang, “Show Us Your Glory,” to further impart the message into their open hearts.

During the ministry time that followed, I prayed for several couples desiring children and for people with a variety of physical ailments. Hearing afresh a message about the Father’s supreme value and love for them gave an extra expectation in their countenances that the Father would act on their requests and fulfill the desires of their hearts. Each person seemed encouraged that Jesus was in the bottom of his boat and he could have assurance that it would never sink, but he could peacefully rest because Jesus was with him in the storm.