Body Pain, Headaches, and Mental Instability Leave in the Name of Jesus!

Our first and last ministry meetings for our time in New Dehli were at Pastor Phillip’s house church. We had become so close to the various ministry partners, both new and old so it was hard to prepare to say goodbye. Holy Spirit poured out His goodness once more through a time of worship and impartation from Pastor Bill.

Since it was Sunday evening, there were even more new people to meet. As children and adults came forward for prayer, testimonies started to flow. One lady came to the meeting with pain all over her body, including a bad headache. After Pastor Bill prayed for her, she reported that all the pain left immediately! (Check out her big smile on the photo update page) Another man came forward for prayer due to some mental health issues that had resulted in him dropping out of school and work; he was even unable to read his Bible. After Troy prayed for him, he testified that he felt better and that he could think clearer. Then, he read the 23rd Psalm from a Bible without a problem!

It was a beautiful ending to a wonderful time of ministry in the New Dehli area. God is so GOOD!