Zimpeto Children’s Centre

We started our time off with a few days at the Zimpeto Children’s Center. We stayed there through Monday morning, and had a wonderful time reconnecting wtih children we knew from past visits, as well as showing love to all the new faces. We were able to minister to many adults as well, as we tried to stay alert for opportunities the Holy Spirit gave us to speak into the lives of those around us at the center.

Sunday was a big ministry day. Pastor Mary Pat was invited to preach at the Sunday morning church service, which is held at the children’s center but open to the community as well. After the team shared the Released drama, Pastor Mary Pat gave a passionate message centered on the idea of beholding God’s glory as in a mirror. The whole team was involved in ministering to those who came forward in response to the invitation to become more like Jesus. Also during that service, the team was prayed for by the children and the church to be commissioned.

In the afternoon, the whole team piled into a vehicle and went to Pastor Jose’s house for a time of worship using Carl’s keyboard. We were blessed to meet his wife and family, and we all shared a time of communion. Pastor Jose’ was in a serious car accident shortly before we arrived, which left him with a leg wound that is not at all as severe as the damage the enemy was trying to inflict on him. We all gathered in unity to pray for God’s healing touch, as well as to commit our upcoming journey into God’s hands.

On Sunday evening, we had a special time of ministry and impartation with the children as we spent time with them in their dorms and washed each child’s feet. The girls at the center all stay in one central location, so the females on the team got to work together. They shared some personal testimonies with the girls, and taught them about the Biblical significance of foot washing, and serving one another in love. They then washed each girl’s feet and prayed over her. The males on the team had a bigger job, as they had several dorms to reach, but they did a wonderful job of giving each boy individualized attention. At the last boys’ dorm, there appeared to be only a small number of guys at first, but more kept coming- so many that they formed lines to wait for prayer. Many of the guys received encouraging prophetic words and pictures from team members as they were prayed over during the foot washing.