Youth Camp and Local School

The van continued to drive around the beautiful mountains as we were riding on our way to a Christian youth camp.  It was Tuesday night, and we had been offered an opportunity to worship and share with a group of Chinese youth.  Excitement filled the air as we arrived, and we were looking forward to all God wanted to do that night.  As the students filed in the classroom where we were meeting, we prayed that God would touch each of them deeply throughout the night.

Mike and Theresa were able to begin the night with a time of worship, and all of the students seemed to enjoy that very much.  We were then able to perform the dance, “Fly,” which made all of the students light up with joy when they saw our team dancing.  They even wanted to learn the dance, and some volunteers came up and started “flying” with us.  We performed a drama for them, shared about the love of Jesus, and were then able to pray with them.  Lawrence was able to share about trusting the Lord with your life, and many were encouraged as these students are at a time of transition in their lives.  As we prayed with the students one by one, our desire was that the Father would touch them with His love and that they would receive from Him.

Following our time of ministry in the classroom, we were extremely blessed to be able to have a barbecue with all of the students.  It was a very special time of building friendships as we sat around the pits and roasted ribs, wings, hot dogs, and even marshmallows.  The Chinese youth are on fire for the Lord, so it was exciting to be able to spend so much time with them.

On Friday afternoon, we were able to see many of these students again as we visited a local school in Lai King.  We were again able to perform some dramas for them and share testimonies with them.  We pray that each student that visited on Tuesday and Friday received from the Lord and will continue to follow Him all the days of their lives.