Xibowene Shines For Jesus

With excitement and anticipation, the team eagerly prepared for our final crusade! Our second night at Xibowene would be a great summary of our hopes and vision for the surrounding land. We learned that the church leader, Pastor Lorenzo, felt called to this area several years ago and had to come in and clear the land in order to start a church. At the time, there was a dangerous problem with snakes in the area. Through exercising his spiritual authority over the area in prayer, the snakes have since left! We believe this is a picture of how God has been cleansing the land of darkness. As further confirmation of this, after our crusade last night, Pastor Lorenzo saw a vivid vision. In the vision, he saw Pastor Mary Pat and Pastor Jose capturing a humongous snake that slithered onto the land. Then the whole team came in and together, we removed the snake’s power and it shriveled up and died. This was greatly encouraging to our team, knowing that tonight would be another night of God’s Kingdom coming to reign in this place!
As a crowd gathered to watch the Magdalena film, we saw many familiar faces from last night, but there were also others who were able to hear our message of love and receive Jesus for the first time! Fourteen people gave their lives to Christ this second night. We saw something new shinning in each of their eyes as they prayed to give up their old lives and exchange any darkness (addictions and/or witchcraft) for Jesus. God is truly bringing a spiritual shift to this community. The old strongholds have been cleared out and the King of Kings has moved in. Praise God!