Worship Dance Brings a Breakthrough

Sunday morning was another powerful time in God’s presence at Casa de Jesus.  Troy and Dylan preached a powerful message about Gideon, Noah, and standing on the promises of God, both individually and for the church as a whole.  Jean Andrews, a key speaker at the business conference being hosted this week, was also in attendance and delivered a prophetic message that directly connected with Troy and Dylan’s.  The presence of God was strong, and people were both laughing and crying under the power of the Holy Spirit.  The service ended with a dance shared by Theresa, Tiana, Rachel and Peter, and Pastor Dirceu had the song played a second time so that the rest of the church could join in too!

Sunday night we opened up the doors of the church in Heliopolis and held a service for members of the community.  About 50 people were in attendance, filling all the chairs in the church.  Our team shared the love of the Lord through puppets and a number of dramas.  After the last drama, Theresa and Andy shared the Gospel and a number of people raised their hands to pray for salvation.  After that, the team shared a dance that was choreographed to a Portuguese worship song.  The presence of God was strong, and a holy hush fell over the people, even the rowdy children.

Peter and Tiana prayed for healing for anyone in the crowd with an emotional or physical pain.  Then the dancers invited the children on to the stage with them to participate in the dance a second time, and it was deeply moving to see the look of wonder and joy on their faces as they emanated the words of the song and the moves to the dance.  Indeed, it was very different to the music and dance that the children had previously been exposed to, and it was neat to get a chance to teach the children a bit about worship.