Woman set free from Generational Curses

Nearly every church leader and pastor that we worked with in Swaziland told us one thing-witchcraft was very strong in this area.  Though it was certain that the enemy had claimed territory in this land, we were even more sure that our God loved these people immensely and wanted to bring salvation, healing, and deliverance.  As we set out for a time of ministry, we knew that Jesus would show Himself strong as He is “far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come” (Eph. 1:21).

Darlene, Jamie and I set out from Pastor Clifford’s house in Swaziland looking for those who needed a touch from our heavenly Father.  We stopped by the house of two ladies who attended the church and found out that one of the ladies was related to our Pastor friend.  She seemed to be suffering from many pains that were similar to fibromyalgia.  She had pain all over her body and it was so painful that she had trouble moving and could not even attend the crusade we held the night before  that was only a stones throw from her house.  After traveling to South Africa three times she had found no cure even though she had visited three doctors.  As we were praying the Lord led us to ask if there was any witchcraft in her family line.  She stated that her father was an herbalist and traditional healer.  This gave us a position to pray, and as we continued to press in it was revealed that her father had dedicated all his children to the spirits with whom he had been interacting.  We led her in a prayer to renounce and break all generational curses and dedications.  She declared her dependence on the Lord and committed her whole family into the Lord’s hand.  The pain immediately left as we broke the spirit of infirmity.  We watched in amazement as she moved her arms around and spoke out about how well she felt.

She then shared with us a dream that she had in which she see saw a man coming out of a cornfield at her.  The feeling she had in the dream was that the man was demanding from her a payment for some debt she supposedly owed him.  He began to grab her neck and began choking her.  At that point, a white man and white woman who she saw near a wrecked car came over and stepped in between her and the man.  She spoke of how the white man was a shield to her and drove off the man who was strangling her.  She could see how this dream was from the Lord foreshadowing the healing that Jesus was bringing at that moment.  We saw her on Sunday at church and she was completely pain-free and very thankful.  I was amazed at the love of God for this woman and how He stepped in and brought so much freedom to her life.