Woman healed of stomach pains

As the crowds began to dwindle after an evening of ministry in Amasaman, a woman approached me to ask for prayer for pains in her stomach. She had felt pain throughout her abdomen for two days, and believed that Jesus could heal her. We joined hands, praying that God would take all her pain and bring total healing. When asked if she felt better, she said, “A little bit, but not all the way.” Once again, we prayed together, blessing what God was doing and asking Him for complete healing. After the second prayer, she said she felt almost better, but there was still some pain. Believing that God wanted her completely healed, we prayed a third time. This time, a huge smile came over her face and she said she was completely healed. She left the drama site that evening, thanking God for what He had done and testifying of His goodness.