Wednesday, November 20, 2019 – Ghana

We dove into KBS on Wednesday with teaching about the Presence, spiritual sonship and being seated in heavenly places. Pastor Mary Pat used the picture of a flashlight to describe how the Lord wants to search our hearts, thoughts, and inner motivations, as described in Psalm 139:23. PMP taught on the realities of our identity, and how our identity is based on love. As always, our drama team used creative ways to give visual pictures for the verses being taught.

That evening, we piled once again into our van with several of our Ghanian friends, and traveled to the village of Bodi. When we arrived in the dark, we found ourselves in an empty field with two sticks they had placed in the ground for us to attach our white sheet “screen.” However, the people started arriving as we put on some music and Carly, Ashley, and Audrey led everyone in a hilarious dance competition. We showed the Jesus film, and then Pastor Bill shared the good news of the Gospel. Many in the crowd came forward, including many children who were very attentive and prayed right out to receive Jesus. Carly led a time of healing, and several people testified about stomach pain, body pains, and headaches leaving. We also prayed for several in the crowd who were coughing. Audrey led a prayer for those still suffering from headaches, and Andy explained how we cannot follow Jesus and witchcraft, and prayed with the women present to turn from all witchcraft. There is currently no Life Christian Centre church in Bodi, so we are excited to see what God will do there. Such a good ending to the night that began with an empty field!