Wednesday, June 28 – Mabalane

Wednesday morning we tore down our camp, and said heartfelt goodbyes to our new friends in Hokwe. As our bus pulled away, we waved to them emphatically, reflecting on all that God had done there! We traveled many hours on red dirt roads through the picturesque Mozambican wilderness. As we passed calm rivers, grazing herds of cattle, and meager fruit stands, gratefulness for the opportunity to be in such a place filled the hearts of team members.

The sun neared the horizon when we pulled up to our destination in Mabalane, a village FMI last visited in 2010 & 2011. Memories of late night talks, lots of laughs, and deep healing of hearts came back to team members that were on those trips. We prepared for crusade, and a crowd gathered. They watched intently as we presented a dance, 2 dramas, and The Jesus Film, after which Pastor Mary Pat invited them to proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 90 people came forward to do so, in quiet reverence that is not typical at these outreaches. Some had tears streaming down their cheeks as they declared Jesus as their King. It was a holy moment. This flowed into a prayer for more of the Holy Spirit’s power, and renouncing the things that have hindered us from Him, for which 26 more came forward. Only a few in the crowd raised their hands indicating a need for healing prayer. All those that did were healed, including a man with stomach pain for 3 days, a man with tooth pain for 2 days, and a boy with an upset stomach since yesterday. Our good God swept through Mabalane mightily!