Wednesday, July 5

As the team enjoyed breakfast, Pastor Mary Pat noticed an elderly woman sitting on a mat nearby. She grabbed Pastor Lazarus and went to talk to the woman, asking if she had been at either of the crusades that had been held there. She said she was not able to make it to them because pain in her hands and legs had been acting up. Pastor Mary Pat promptly shared the saving and healing message of the Gospel, and the woman prayed with her to declare Jesus as her Savior! She then received prayer for her arthritis pain to leave, and all pain left her hands. She got up to test her legs, and was also able to walk with less pain. What a beautiful demonstration of stopping for the one!

We visited the land in Palmira that was given to Pastor Jose’s after having a dream to build a soccer academy. The soccer field is in the process of being developed and a church house foundation is in place. There is also a fresh water well on the land and fruit trees are growing there.

That evening while at his house Pastor Jose’s imparted fresh mana of encouragement to us. He said, “The question ‘who will go for us?’ is answered. He commended us on being faithful in doing the Father’s work. He reminded us the key to grow spiritually is to go down. “Going down, you go higher…Just be in the presence….Be a real Kingdom Releaser!”