Wednesday July 25: Kingdom Harvest in Combomuni

The team enthusiastically returned to minister in Combomuni this year. Last year we saw an incredible harvest in this village and we had a great time of reaping the harvest this time around as well.

After setting up for crusade, we were not given permission by the local chief to have the crusade due to recent deaths in that part of the village. Mourning observances were being held as is custom in their culture. God, however, is faithful and He provided an alternate location to hold the crusade on the other side of the village. The team efficiently and quickly moved and set up all the crusade equipment at the new site in record time.

Around 600 people gathered with much excitement. After a power salvation call by Pastor Mary Pat, around 1/2 of the crowd prayed to receive Jesus as their savior. Many also prayed to renounce witchcraft and 5 people testified that they were healed after a healing prayer was released over the crowd.