Wednesday January 30: Identity in Christ and Ministry at Casa De Deus!

Twenty two children  and four teens joined us in Heliópolis this morning. Joe and Denny taught them what their true identity is through the account of Ruth and Boaz from the Bible.  During the time of Soaking, several of the kids had an encounter with Jesus. One of the girls saw heaven, one of the boys saw Jesus, and others felt His peace and Love. Troy also taught the teenagers about identity and one of the girls received Jesus!!

There were 29 children and 9 teens at the ministry time in City of God today.  When it was Soaking time, there was a child who saw a vision of a force-field around us and said God was protecting us from the enemy. Another boy saw a luminous flying angel and gold dust around where the angel was flying near to him.


The evening brought us back to Heliópolis for the Wednesday night service at Casa de Jesus. Joshua preached a powerful message out of Joshua chapters 6-8 about purity and victory and removing sin from the camp. Afterward He gave a call for people to come forward and surrender deeper to the Lord for the cleansing of any sin in their lives.  Troy then spoke about healing and the team laid hands on people as he prayed. Three people testified that they were physically healed! He also invited people experiencing depression to come forward for prayer.  Multiple people came forward to be freed from depression and receive the joy of the Lord.

Meanwhile in the children’s room, Janiel and Amanda led them in a time of Soaking as Audrey prayed for them.  Tiana had the kids act out the account of David’s life as a shepherd and him killing Goliath. She told them that no matter how small they feel, they have a big God and can do all things through Him (Phil 4:13)!