We Made It!

This morning as we waited to hear from Pastor Samuel, we walked around the grounds of the guest house. Josh began talking with a man named Asamoah who worked there, and after a short while he prayed to receive Jesus! After praying, he said he felt very good and was so happy with his decision. Though it was not our plan to spend the night at this hotel, we know it was God’s plan to send us there! The car was fixed in the evening and we continued on our way, driving late into the night. It was 2:15am when we finally reached our land, road weary and ready to lie down. As we pulled up to our building, we were surprised to hear shouts and songs of praise coming from the open structure built for Kingdom Bible School. All those that had come for church and KBS were not only still awake, but they were spending the night in worship and prayer, greatly anticipating our arrival! It stirred us up spiritually and physically, and we were excited to meet these precious
lovers of Jesus. We introduced ourselves and they received us enthusiastically. We were so encouraged to see that everyone that has come is just as excited as we are for all that God is going to do this week!