We Are Together Again!

After a late night of tent set-up for our Kingdom Bible School friends, we were awakened this morning by the sounds of Ghanaian worship in progress.  Adding to those who had spent the night, members from some of the northern branches of Life Christian Centre have been brought in by bus.  We had to scramble to have seats for everyone. There are currently 17 total branches in the north (27 total Life Christian Centre branches in Ghana and Togo).  When we first brought a team to Sawla in 2002, there were no branches here.  Seeing so many people packed into our pavilion is amazing – this is multiplication in action! Partnering with Jesus has been the theme of the morning – Pastor Bill encouraging our Ghanaian family that God will take care of
our every burden when we partner with Him in everything. The week in Sawla is off to a great start.  Get ready, we are going to have a lot to celebrate this week!