Visiting the Frontline Project in Palmeira, Crusade at Night – Much Fruit

The pangs of knowing that today would be our last full day in Mozambique could hardly be tasted as we landed at Linha da Frente (Frontline) Project, Pastor Jose’s pineapple and papaya project with soon to come church and soccer academy. From the aftermath of two ravenous fires in the past year, seedlings and budding trees proved that new life prevails in the Kingdom of Heaven! Our team spent a couple hours receiving fresh manna from Heaven through a time of impartation with Pastor Jose. While marinating in this promise of new life in the face of the enemy’s opposition, Pastor Jose drove home the points of staying in the name of Jesus and in the Word of God.

Upon leaving the Linha da Frente Project, we headed back to Maputo for a final outreach at Marracuene. As our bus came to a stop near a large school, the sounds of children playing soccer stirred up an inextinguishable excitement within us. Dozens of brave children competed in our dance competitions. Seventy people came into salvation as Jo from Brazil and Tania from Indonesia shared the Good News of life in Jesus. Tomorrow, we will be heading home, but we will remember the many good works that Jesus did in hearts on this night. Thank You Jesus for your faithfulness!