Victory over Darkness

Five years ago FMI visited Nyange, a village in Northern Ghana that is known throughout Ghana and the surrounding countries as a hub for Juju.  Many people have suffered under this form of witchcraft, and have lived in bondage apart from the Lord.  When we were there in 2004, we saw many people give their lives to Jesus.

On Saturday, we were able to return to Nyange to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.  We were believing that God would demonstrate His power and love to these people, as His power is far above any power of the enemy.  We truly believe that the Lord desires to see the captives set free, as seen in Luke 4:18-19.

As the Good News was shared, 120 people prayed to make Jesus their Lord and to renounce any ties with witchcraft.  As the Holy Spirit moved, many received a touch in their physical bodies and were healed.  The Lord not only showed His power to bring salvation and forgiveness, but to heal physical bodies and bring freedom from bondage.  In a place of deep darkness, the Lord brought His light and demonstrated through His awesome love His power over the enemy. Even in a place of great bondage, the Lord always has the victory!

FMI and Life Christian Center were able to return the next day to meet for church with these precious people.  They now have a place to meet and a pastor who will continue leading them in the ways of the Lord.  May His Kingdom continue to be established in Nyange!