Verbo Vivo Tucuruvi

For Sunday morning service, Pastor Bill, Mike, and Joquebedi went to the Tucuruvi branch of Verbo Vivo Church. Pastor Bill preached on how the Lord wants us to become like a child, how joy is the Person of Jesus, and how we can walk in the dunamis (dynamite) power of the Holy Spirit.
After the message, Pastor Bill offered prayer for healing. One lady had come to the service specifically to receive prayer for a nerve condition she’s had that had been worsening, so Pastor Bill prayed for her. Joquebedi and Mike also laid hands on a woman during Pastor Bill’s healing prayer and she was so touched by the power of God that she began to cry. Mike prayed for a 15 year old boy named Gabriel, sharing a word from the Lord that God sees him like King David and has a mighty plan for his life. After the prayer, Gabriel shared with Mike that this encouragement was an answer to prayer. As they parted ways, team members and the congregation were equally blessed by the outpouring of God’s love they experienced!