Up up and away….and back again

Pastor Bill and Lawrence took a world wind trip to the other side of Java island to the “small” town of Surdabaya with only 5 million people. They met with new friend “Pastor Freddy” of (CGIC). They were graciously greeted by a group of church members who took them all over town to meet with different business people connected to the church. The first stop was at a large paper mill plant owned by one of the church members. After getting a tour of the facility and meeting many of the workers, they had a time of worship and impartation in a meeting room overlooking the plant.  Both Pastor Bill & Pastor Freddy led the group into a time of worship. After Pastor Bill gave a quick encouraging word, he prayed for the business to be blessed and multiply for the kingdom.

After the time at the paper mill plan, they were whisked away to an electronic shop owned by a different member of the church. Pastor Bill continued to release God’s favor and blessings on the store and continued expansion for God’s glory. It’s so amazing what God is doing through businesses of Indonesia for His glory.

Later that evening, Pastor Bill gave a message to the church about Father’s love imparting to them about all of God’s goodness and love and JOY! Blessings rained down as people received from heart of a loving father.

As Pastor Bill finished his message he and Lawrence were rushed to the airport to fly back to Jakarta. It was a whirlwind 24 hours that glorified the Lord and released Heaven on Earth!