Ukraine Crisis

We can’t get the Ukrainian people out of our minds…



 …what would it be like to live with the ever present awareness that at any moment a missile or bomb could hit and destroy your town, your village, your church, your home, and kill your family? 

…what would it be like to face troops that were intent on eradicating life as you know it… stealing, killing, destroying everything and everyone in their way? 

…what would it be like to say goodbye to your own family and friends, leaving everything stable and familiar behind to hopefully find another place, another country, to try and survive? 

…what would it be like to have no promise for your family for safety, food, water, heat, a place to sleep, place to worship, or medical help? 

…what would it be like to watch your children suffer as you walked for days or weeks to find hope?

…what would it be like to feel afraid and hopeless in the midst of overwhelming circumstances that felt like they would never change? 

…what would it be like to feel like an internally displaced person (IDP) or a refugee (once you left Ukraine)? 

Our security, identity, and hope is to be found in the Lord Jesus. He provides moment-by-moment trust for our present and future. He is the solution for the Ukrainians, and all of us, as we set our affections on Him and encounter His goodness and faithfulness.

We need to intimately know Jesus. We need to fully follow Jesus. 

They need to intimately know Jesus. They need to fully follow Jesus. 

Together, we can be His hands and feet to provide for their basic human needs and ease their suffering in this present crisis, but that’s only the beginning. 

We desire to present and demonstrate the Person of Jesus Christ who is True Peace, Love, Light, Hope, Joy, Provision, and Forgiveness. These horrific circumstances will be used to usher these beautiful people into the arms of their loving Father to know Him and His Kingdom heart.

We invite you to help us. 

We have reliable and dedicated contacts on the front lines in Lviv, Ukraine and in Poland who are boots on the ground and will receive all monetary donations. In Ukraine, they are assisting the multitudes who are traveling to and gathering in Lviv (in the upper northwest of Ukraine), crossing the open borders into Poland. The church in Lviv is feeding/supporting 100 – 200 IDPs a day as they migrate into Poland, and serves as a base for humanitarian donations. They are a vital center of worship and gathering place for believers in the city. They also assist the Ukrainian military with basic needs. 

The Mofele Mission (Iris Global) in Krakow, Poland is very intentional about directly offering food, prayer, and salvation at the border of Ukraine and after the refugees enter Poland. Many desperate people live on the streets and in stadiums in Poland now. This ministry is also helping them find housing. They want to rent a building to house and disciple many refugees. 

The IDPs and refugees are flooding into other nations bordering Ukraine as well. There is a great need for solar audio Bibles to be given so they can hear and be encouraged by the amazing Word of God.

We appreciate your generous financial donation to help meet these needs, as well as your continual prayer support. Just click the yellow donate button below for financial contributions. Please pray out Psalm 91 during this crisis.

From Mofele Missions: 

God spoke to us, 10 days before the war in Ukraine started, as we were praying for the future of our ministry among the needy and broken hearts. He said, “You are not social workers. You are my children. You are not here to just feed stomachs and provide accommodations. You are here to bring my miracle to human hearts. You are carriers of my love and my light which are the only thing able to heal the incurable wounds of the past.” We didn’t see the war coming, but we were prepared by the Lord. We know our place and mission in it.

Thank you for giving from your heart. The Lord has greatly blessed us to be a tangible blessing to these hurting people during this crisis. We appreciate your partnership and camaraderie in this mission. 

With deep gratitude,

Bill and Mary Pat Gokee

Frontline Ministries International, Directors

Frontline Worship Center, Pastors


Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Frontline Ministries International is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible according to IRS code.