Tumor Dissolves! Pastor’s Raised Up!

Today Pastor Mary Pat led a Pastor’s Conference at Pastor Deva & Suneetha’s church. Pastors and their wives gathered from remote villages and nearby cities and filled their church, about 100 in total. In the morning, Pastor Mary Pat shared from Psalm 27, about Jesus being the One Thing that we seek after above all else, and what it means to fully consecrate ourselves to Him. In the afternoon, she spoke about persevering through persecution and being willing to stop for the precious individuals that God puts in front of us. Lawrence and Carly shared some of the healings they have witnessed over the years, including blind eyes and deaf ears being opened!

Pastor Mary Pat closed with the account of Jesus washing the disciples feet and she invited Pastor Deva, Suneetha, Pastor Prabaka, Sumati, Pastor Chinni, and Rosie up to the front. In a beautiful demonstration of being a servant leader, Pastor Mary Pat washed their feet and released a word from the Lord over each of them. Then together they washed the feet of all of the pastors in attendance, as well as the team members!

Finally, we offered healing prayer and saw God do amazing miracles! A man came up who said he had severe kidney pain and had been diagnosed with kidney failure. He had received dialysis, but it wasn’t successful and the doctors told him there wasn’t anything else that they could do and that he probably wouldn’t live much longer. During prayer, he was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and all of the pain left his body! We believe Jesus healed him and we encouraged him to go back to the hospital to have them check his kidney function. We anticipate hearing the complete testimony!

Just after this, a woman came up with an oblong tumor in her leg that was about 2″ by 4″ that she had for 5 years. Pastor Mary Pat could feel the tumor when she placed her hand on the woman’s leg to pray. After she prayed, she removed her hand and asked the woman if she felt any change. The woman said she felt some change and believed that it had softened, but when she went to feel it, she couldn’t find it. The tumor was completely gone! It was absolutely incredible to witness how God impacted these pastors’ lives today, both spiritually and physically.