Tuesday, November 12, 2019 – Côte d’Ivoire

The team began Kingdom Bible School early on Tuesday with a time of soaking for those who could come. There were around 15 present to seek the Lord this way. Then, to begin the morning session, people testified about what God had spoken to them between the Monday session and this session. Many people saw prophetic pictures or had had dreams. Pastor Jacob, one of our contacts, saw a golden cup that was surrounded by many bowls. Pastor Mary Pat encouraged everyone to continue to ask the Lord to reveal the meanings of the vision and dreams.

As the teaching began, the focus was on family. The love of the Father is perfect, and His Family is the perfect family. The team was able to involve the KBS students as they joined in the drama of the wedding feast- which they thoroughly enjoyed. All were welcomed to the front to share in the marriage celebration.

During the break between sessions, we were able to provide the students with a delicious lunch. After that, we regrouped for the afternoon session. The focus on family continued with the drama team providing a visual picture of the prodigal son account in Luke 15. The drama and the teaching demonstrated how there was an orphan heart in both the older and younger son, yet the father loved them both. This lead into a beautiful time of inner healing for all present.

Immediately following KBS, the team traveled to the village of Nanan. The people excitedly greeted us. The team started out the night with a joyful dance and impactful dramas. Then Pastor Bill shared with the people about how precious they are in God’s eyes, and how they can experience salvation in Jesus. Many people stepped out of the crowd to join the prayer for salvation. Pastor Mary Pat also spoke about the power of Jesus and how Jehovah Rapha heals. There was a another prayer for salvation and then healing for those that had willing hearts. Then there was another group of people who decided they wanted to begin their relationship with Jesus. Everyone in both groups broke off any connection with witchcraft, including those who were witches. One woman said she had been in witchcraft since she was born, as were her parents and grandparents. Because of this, she was involved in high level witchcraft, but was now eager to renounce any connection with darkness and come into the Kingdom of light! The ministry continued as six more came to renounce witchcraft in their lives. One of them was a leader of the village. Throughout the evening, Holy Spirit was also healing. Many testified of feeling heat as they were being healed. One boy had back pain for a long time. After the prayer, he testified that Jesus had healed him, and he no longer had any pain. There was also a woman who had had pain from scoliosis in her back for years. During prayer, she had the opportunity to walk back and forth a few times as the healing was being completed. The pain lessened each time, until she said with a smile that it was gone! Tonight, there were 170 new family members in the family of God, and many chains were broken. Thank you, Jesus!