Tuesday, July 16 – Nhabete

The team remained in Nhabete for a second night to have another crusade. Before the crusade, the team split up into small groups and went out into the village to minister to people and invite them to the crusade. Each group had different testimonies of who they met along the way. Jaimie’s group got to minister to and share the love of Jesus to two boys who had just recently lost their mother from an unknown cause.

People from all over the village came for the crusade, even people who were there the previous night. Eight people ended up giving their lives to Jesus for the first time! Andy followed up the prayer for salvation by explaining to the people who Holy Spirit is and how He can bring them joy. As he spoke, he encouraged our team to get together and create a fire tunnel! As the people walked through, our team prayed for everyone and many of them were touched by the joy of Holy Spirit!