Tuesday January 29: The children learn about Holy Spirit!

Angie and Audrey taught about Holy Spirit today to about 40 children in Heliopolis and to an additional 40 children in City of God. They explained how, just like salvation, Holy Spirit is a free gift.  They also told the children how Holy Spirit is a person and a friend we can talk to at anytime. They used some of the children to demonstrate how different situations can work out best when He is involved.  The children enjoyed the lesson, the craft, and said they really felt the Presence of Lord with His Love and Peace during Soaking

Each day as the children were being taught, Troy led a lesson with the teenagers. As he spoke about the importance of Holy Spirit, one young man named Fabricio gave his life to the Lord!

Later in the evening, Josh led a time of corporate worship where the team members experienced more of God’s presence.