Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 Brazil


In the morning, we kicked off our first day of the children’s and youth program at Casa De Jesus in Heliopolis. Our Brazilian team opened the morning with a scripture verse, Romans 8:15 and a song. Afterwards, we split the children into 3 groups. One group started with decorating crowns as their craft. This tied into the lesson of Romans 8:15 which speaks about how in Christ, we are adopted as His sons and daughters. The second group went into a time where we taught them who Father God is and how much He loves them and how He can take their pain away. Then, we went into time of having the children laying before the Lord with worship music while the team prayed over them. Some of the children shared things they encountered with the Lord, such as His love, relieved, lighter, feeling His presence, angels, and hearing His voice. One girl felt that when the Father’s love letter was being read to her that it was God reading to her. In the third group, led by Troy, we had the youth, ages 12 and up, learn about the prodigal’s son in Luke 15 and also Romans 8. At the end, we joined the first two groups together for our main lesson on Romans 8:15 led by Denny and Mike. The lesson included a drama portraying the prodigal son and coming back to the Father in Luke 15. We shared the Gospel and 15 children received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

In the afternoon, we had the same program for the children and the youth at Cidade De Deus. During the soaking time, some of the children there felt peace, His love and one child felt all of their pain coming out. Four children received Jesus as their Lord when and Savior after the Gospel was shared. Overall, it was good day of ministry with the children and youth and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for the rest of the week.