Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Brazil

Each day as a team we spend time with the Lord in the morning before we start the day. It’s more important than anything we do in life as we can’t do anything without Jesus (John 15:5). We also had an amazing time of prayer and worship as a team praying for the communities, Heliopolis and Cidade De Deus, in São Paulo and for all of Brazil. Following that, we went to Cidade De Deus to clean our worship Center and begin painting the interior. We are also painting a map of the world and Frontline’s theme verse Luke 4:18-19 on the walls.

In the evening, we had church service for the youth at Casa De Jesus in Heliopolis. We did the drama called “Released” and Troy taught from the drama about how Jesus came to set us free from chains in our lives. He had asked if anyone would like to receive prayer to have the Lord remove chains and bondage from their lives and 4 to 5 people responded. He and Cheri prayed with a boy to give fear and anger to the Lord and release forgiveness where it was needed.