Our Good Father Provides for Us!

On Tuesday, the team hosted day-two of the special “programa” at Casa de Jesus for the children in Heliopolis. Twenty-five children attended—a significant increase from the prior day. The team taught about God’s character as a Good Father who provides for our needs, and they shared the account of Jesus providing for the disciples’ tax bill by providing coins in a fish’s mouth. The team used children in attendance to act out the story—which the children again loved. The children then practiced soaking, and some of the children saw pictures from the Lord. During craft time, the children each made a colorful fishing line with a fish and coins in the fish’s mouth. The kids really enjoyed selecting the colors of their craft. Many children showed up at the end, indicating they wanted to come, but had school—these children received a craft-to-go and a handful of cookies.

Tuesday afternoon in City of God, the team hosted the programa and shared about God’s character as a Good Father who loved us. Multiple children had visions during soaking—one boy, Vitor, saw a bright light that gave him joy. Another boy, Cowan, heard God say that He is a Father because He created all the earth and the heavens and that God wanted Cowan to be his son—both boys were very touched. Troy also had the opportunity to connect with some of the young men from the favela. It was a fantastic day!