Touchdown in Jakarta!

After almost three days of travel, half of our Asia team finally landed in Jakarta.  Pastor Bill, Lawrence, and Michelle headed straight to our first ministry site – a house of prayer and worship led by one of our contacts here.  We were warmly greeted, saw some familiar faces from last year, and scores of new ones.  All were eager to see what God would do this night.

After some vibrant worship and prayer, Pastor Bill preached a powerful message all about the Father’s heart of love for His children.  The people listened intently as Pastor Bill imparted what it means to live as a beloved child who knows the goodness of the Father, rather than living in fear of punishment.  He demonstrated his points with a number of memorable visual examples, some drawing laughter and nods of agreement from the group.

Giving thanks and praise to Holy Spirit for energizing him to preach such a hearty message after days of travel and little sleep, Pastor Bill prayed and sang the Father’s heart over everyone, releasing the healing power of God. Many tears were shed as people received deep healing in their hearts from past wounds.  After the service, some lingered to receive prayer for healing.  Pastor Bill and the team prayed and released prophetic pictures over individuals.  It was a late night of ministry, but the team left for our “home” in Jakarta deeply satisfied with all God had done.