Ministering the Father’s Love at the Girls’ Home

As our vehicles pulled into the girls’ home on Monday morning, our hearts were filled with anticipation for what the Lord had in store for today.  We knew that many of these young girls had been exposed to some of the most horrendous experiences, including forced prostitution and living on the streets.  However, our Heavenly Father has a huge plan for each one of their lives, and desires to heal every child from the hurts and wounds of the past so that they may live in complete freedom!  Many of the girls have already experienced powerful healing from the Lord, through our contact’s ministry, and through Frontline’s ministry there last year.


Our team spent much time with the girls, teaching them about worship,  authority and spiritual warfare.  We showed the children that Jesus has given them authority over the devil and his works, and that they can invite the presence of God through their worship to change the atmosphere anywhere they go into a place of peace and joy.   Our whole team worked together to teach on worship and spiritual warfare, calling up some of the girls as volunteers to act out Biblical principles and Kingdom scenarios.


Last year, the team taught the girls a worship dance to the song “A Little Longer” by Brian and Jen Johnson.  This year, the girls still knew the moves to the dance, and were eager to worship the Lord through this dance along with Theresa.  The presence of the Lord was so strong as we watched these girls who had been through so much trauma worship the Lord freely.  Theresa and Mark also shared a new praise dance with the girls,  and then the team shared a drama called the “Box Skit,” depicting how others’ hurtful actions and rejection can result in an individual putting up invisible walls around his or her heart to try to protect themselves from being hurt again.  Our team shared about how Jesus can take those walls down so that we can freely receive the love of Father God, and trust Him fully.


We believe many received more healing in their hearts where wounding had taken place.  Before we left, the girls shared a worship song with us.  Many on our team had tears in their eyes as we watched these little  ones sing to the Lord with such passion and freedom.  It was truly a holy moment.  Thank You, Jesus for this time of ministry with Your precious children!