Thursday, November 21, 2019 – Ghana

The day begin with a meaningful time of soaking. As KBS began, the students came to share about what the Lord was speaking to them during soaking. One student shared how God desires for him to draw near. Then as he draws near, he will know God more. Another student shared about the revelation he received about John 1:1, and how the Word was in the beginning. But also his mindset was changing about God being in a temple or church to being inside of us, as our bodies are the temple of God. The students were very touched by these encouraging and loving words from our Father.

The focus of the day was the love of God and intimacy with Him. After the testimonies, the teaching began with a demonstration of Ephesians 3:16-19 by Josh and Ashley. PMP described how  revelation is a knowing in the Spirit. From there, the students soaked in His presence as the team played and translated some songs.

To take this point even deeper, PMP described the account of the woman who poured out the alabaster jar as the team acted it out. The importance of going before the Lord and resting in His presence was also demonstrated through dance by Audrey, Carly, and Ashley and with the account of Mary and Martha. To connect it together, Rachel explained how working to please God is not what He calls His children to do, but instead to love Him first and the work that His calls us to will flow out from that.

This lead into an impartation on the miraculous and the power of the Holy Spirit. We prayed for baptism in the Spirit, and two women testified of receiving a heavenly prayer language! There were also encouraging prophetic words that the team spoke out of some of the students. One student received the word bicycle. Josh explained that the Lord was giving him a bicycle and he would not be stuck anymore. This lead the student to receiving Jesus as His Lord and Savior! To solidify all that was imparted, Andy and Josh portrayed how Jesus sees us as the bride of Christ. This also was shown through PB and PMP’s love relationship. And as the students were understanding who they are as the bride of Christ, Revelation 19 was read and explained with a artistic picture.

To wrap it all together, it was explained how we are in heavenly places as the children of God. As we are in His presence, intimacy grows; as intimacy grows, Holy Spirit will reveal different parts of our hearts that need healing. PMP led the students in a time of inner healing and forgiveness. From the morning soaking until the closing of the day’s session, there was a strong flow of Holy Spirit moving.