Thursday, June 29 – Mabalane

On our second day in Mabalane, the team celebrated Rachel’s birthday! We started the day off right, as breakfast led into spontaneous team time and powerful worship. Many had visions of Jesus pouring Himself out for us on the cross, and were brought into a deeper revelation of His love for us. After putting the finishing touches on a new drama, team members had more time to spend in God’s presence personally.

The evening crusade started with Pastor Julio in rare form, as he sang out and led a dance line, that villagers and missionaries alike jumped into! After an interactive “Vivo Estas” dance competition, Joquebedi shared her testimony of how God brought her out of depression and filled her with the joy of the Lord. This flowed perfectly into the debut of the new drama, which depicts how a relationship with Jesus will set us free from emotional sins, such as anger, depression, and pride. Ashley and Rachel led 23 people in praying for salvation. Hallelujah! After a prayer for healing, a man testified of stomach pain leaving. Pastor Mary Pat spoke about Jesus wanting to heal our hearts of past hurts, and led a prayer of forgiveness, releasing fear and rejection, and receiving joy. The night ended with Jaimie singing prophetically over the crowd, and animated African worship!