Thursday January 31: Last day of the children’s ministry and Rua Festa at City of God leads to many salvations!

On Thursday the combined Frontline team put on our children’s and teenager’s program for 36 children at Heliopolis, and 40 at City of God. Cheri and Joshua led a session on worship. Joshua acted as a traveler trying to get to God’s house.  Cheri helped explain to the wandering traveler how to enter His gates with thanksgiving, go into His courts with praise, then bow down and worship God in His throne room. They had Soaking and made maracas for the craft after their message. One child shared that he had a dream that he wanted to play the piano.

On Thursday night Frontline had a Rua Festa (Street Party) at City of God.  First combined worship led by Pastor Bill, Joshua and Joquebedi kicked off the night. The dance with combined Brazilian and American team members was cheered on by spectators as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit and fire.  This was followed by the impactful “Emotions” drama. Pastor Bill then preached the Gospel message and 22 people came forward to receive Jesus with many of the children desiring relationship with Jesus.  Next, the inspiring film “Magdalena” was shown in Portuguese on a big screen right in the street.  Pastor Mary Pat then gave a fiery Gospel presentation and 45 people came forward to repent, believe in Jesus and receive the new life He offers.  Joshua and Troy then encouraged the group of new believers to “Go and sin no more” just as Jesus spoke to the woman caught in adultery in the bible.  They were reminded of the upcoming church services and discipleship opportunities through Linha de Frente and Casa de Jesus. The night was an awesome display of God’s light invading the darkness, bringing hope, salvation, healing and deliverance to the people of City of God!