Thursday, January 30th, 2020 Brazil

Today the children in both communities learned what it means to truly know your identity in Christ. We   had the children create their own mirror. On one side of the mirror they drew a portrait of themselves, and on the back there was a picture of the lion of Judah with the caption “ I am made in the image of God”.  As the lesson was taught about counteracting the lies of the enemy with the Word of God, the children had the opportunity to declare some truths over their lives. They all turned their mirrors to face the lion on the back and declared that they are more than conquerors because Jesus lives inside of them, that they are not afraid because Jesus has given them a spirit of power, love and self discipline, and that they are a wonderful creation because God made them.  One of the boys said that as he looked at the lion on the back of his mirror he felt something strong inside of him.

The team members in the soaking station showed the children two mirrors, with one of them being broken. The broken mirror represented lies that they believed about God and themselves. Some of these lies include things that had been previously spoken over them. We showed them that when we allow Jesus to forgive our sin, we can see clearly who we are in Him. Many of the children experienced a touch from the Lord during this time. One of the girls said that she saw Jesus had taken her sin on the cross. Another girl said Jesus took away all her bad feelings. One of the youth saw a picture of himself at a place that was completely white. An angel in white was talking with him, and he felt really good inside. Another child felt Jesus.  There were many more encounters with the Lord that the children experienced this day.