The Simple Message of Salvation

Once again, the team split up into two SEALS groups and walked up and down the rows of the tiny homes, praying for the Lord to lead us to people who desperately needed a touch from Him. One SEALS group stopped to talk to a young lady who was shyly peeking out her window. She asked us to pray for her older brother who was an alcoholic and a troublemaker. After the prayer, Michelle shared the Gospel message with her, and Andy also shared, emphasizing that true and perfect love comes from Jesus, and that He loves us even if other people in our lives do not know how to show love properly. She prayed to receive Christ into her heart on the spot. How wonderful to witness the power of the Gospel in such a simple moment of going house to house and talking with people.

In the evening, the team split into two groups. Nikki, Theresa, Andy and Amy invited young adults from the community to a discipleship meeting at the church. Meanwhile, Deanne, Tiana, Peter, Dylan, and Michelle went to the soup kitchen to host a ministry program for the children. We shared some of the accounts from the Bible using puppets and later played worship music while ministering to the children, hearing more about their lives, praying for them, and dancing with them. It was amazing to see how the simple act of playing worship music and being there to love the children touched their hearts so profoundly.