The Promised Land

Years ago on one of Frontline’s Mozambique trips, Pastor Mary Pat’s son, Mike, had a vision of Frontline Ministries International owning land on the sea in Mozambique. In the vision, the land was a place of rest and repose, where one could go to seek God’s face and draw near to Him. This vision became a reality last year when a village chief gifted us a beautiful plot of land on the Indian Ocean. This year, for the first time, our whole team got to venture to our “promised land.” After a day’s journey on the bus, we arrived at the chief’s hut last night just as the sun was setting. He invited us to set-up camp there, which gave us an opportunity to prayer walk the surrounding land and claim it for God’s Kingdom.
Excitement resonated through the camp as we got up early this morning and prepared for our trek to the land. Getting there would be a 2 hour walk from the chief’s hut so we hired a local driver to take us there in his old U.S. army jeep. Groups of our team piled into the jeep and held on tight, carefully watching for low hanging branches as we bumped along the sandy terrain. When the jeep could go no further, we got out and hiked through thick vegetation and across sand dunes. We reached the top of a particularly steep dune and there it was, the Indian Ocean! The view was enough to take your breath away: a pristine beach of multicolored sand leading into clear blue water and crashing waves. We were in absolute awe of what the Lord had entrusted to us! We ran down to the beach and it wasn’t long before team members were throwing off their shoes and diving into the salty waters. We know that God has a mighty plan for this beautiful land, and we are so excited to partner with Him and see it come to pass. Being the first full team to see this land was a privilege and an honor!