The Kingdom of God invades Mafuiane

Our first night travelling to a village called Mafuiane was absolutely amazing. Twenty people came forward to receive Jesus after the Gospel was explained, followed by several who also received a healing touch. Two gentlemen testified that their back and leg pain were completely healed and restored.  One, in fact, demonstrated what Jesus had done by jumping, bending, walking, and running… all of which he was unable to do prior to the prayer for healing.  Another gentleman felt a release from a headache he had been suffering from.  Two women experienced freedom from difficulty breathing; one of which had been suffering from this for 23 years!  Two other women testified as well of the goodness of God.  One received mobility in her wrists and hands after repetitive aches and pains, and the other experienced freedom from an infection in her hip.

The next evening, the presence of God was so powerful! More people came to the crusade and an additional sixty people came into the family of God through salvation! An outpouring of healing came down from Heaven and restored many people.  Six women came up to share of the arthritic pain they had been suffering from. They gave glory to our King for taking all of the pain away!  One of the six women was able to share that her chest pain left during the prayer as well! Four men shared that they, as well, had received freedom in their joints, including severe back, hand, and knee pain for many years. One of the four men had a touch that released a headache he was having. Hosanna in the highest!