The Harvest is plenty!

With only one day left before heading to Indonesia from Cambodia, Pastor Mary Pat and Jaimie joined the Phnom Penh team for one last ministry outreach into a region where prostitution is rampant during the late night hours. Men, women, and even children have been choraled and oppressed by the kingdom of darkness in this area, and because families live in such impoverished circumstances children have become an easy target for pedophiles traveling to Cambodia as tourists. The team was so filled up and charged for these precious ones after a jolt of joy from the Holy Spirit’s presence and power during a time of worship, intercession, and impartation from the Lord that encouraged each person prior to heading out to the streets.

Right before we hit the streets, while finishing up our dinner, gold dust begins to appear around the table on each person! What’s even more special is that a young boy and girl entered our restaurant and watched us marvel at the amazing sign and wonder. While one of the team members explained what was happening, gold dust could be seen appearing on the two children as well! Both children were prayed for and the love of God was shared with each one encouraging them about how much Jesus loves them!

We were filled with awe and amazement after walking the alleys and streets filled with bars that night, knowing that our prayers, worship, and kind words of love from the Father were touching hearts and penetrating the callous walls built from hurt and brokenness. Many sons and daughters will be brought to glory! Praise you Lord for bringing a shift and invading the darkness with Your light!