The Gospel with Power

On Friday our team had the opportunity to spend time in Nima, a Muslim community in Ghana. As we were getting together to meet for lunch, a woman called out to us from her shop. Though she was Muslim, she wanted us to pray for her as she wasn’t able to see well. So Donna, Monica, Angie, and I walked over to her shop and began to speak with her. The woman, Aisha, was sitting with her daughter Amelia. We told her that we would pray for her in Jesus’ name, asking Him to heal her eyes. After the prayer, she told us that she felt heat throughout her eyes, she was able to see better, and that her eyes were completely healed. She then asked us to pray for her legs, and she stated that some pain left her legs during the prayer. After she testified of her healing, we told her that it was Jesus who had healed her. We asked her and her daughter if they would like to know this Jesus who had healed her, and they both eagerly agreed. We shared the Gospel with them, telling them of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice for them on the cross. Both Aisha and Amelia prayed to receive salvation and renounce Islam. What a joy to see the power of the Gospel demonstrated, bringing those who are lost into the family of God!